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Video An Aerial View of Abruzzo

Abruzzo is a Green area of Italy. In the region there are National parks, a Regional Park and many protected areas. Rare animals and plants species including Golden Eagles, Brown Bear and Edelweiss… Continue reading

Umbertino Bridge In Sicily

The Umbertino bridge is in Sicily and connects the old Siracusa (Ortigia) with the new city. Ortigia (Ortygia, Ὀρτυγία in ancient Greek) is the oldest part of the city of Syracuse. Ortigia, which… Continue reading

Ponte Umbertino in Sicilia

Il Ponte Umbertino si trova in Sicilia e collega la vecchia Siracusa (Ortigia) con la città nuova. Ortigia (Ortygia, Ὀρτυγία in Greco antico) è la parte più antica della città di Siracusa. Ortigia,… Continue reading

Video An Aerial View of Marche

What do you do, Moon, in the sky? tell me, what do you do, Silent Moon? … Resembles your life The life of the shepherd …              … Continue reading

Bridge of the Harmony Ponte della Concordia

The Bridge of the Harmony-Concordia is an ancient bridge, is in Fossombrone in the Marche Region and crosses the river Metauro. The name “Harmony – Concordia” was decided by the citizens of Fossombrone,… Continue reading

Scaliger Bridge in Verona

The Scaliger Bridge is in Verona, crosses the river Adige and is part of the Castelvecchio fortress. The bridge that dates back to 1350 was destroyed in the Second World War, but was… Continue reading

Ponte Scaligero a Verona

Il Ponte Scaligero si trova a Verona, attraversa il fiume Adige e fa parte della Fortezza di Castelvecchio. Il Ponte che risale al 1350 è stato distrutto nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale, ma fu… Continue reading

Video An Aerial View of Piedmont

Turin lives under the sign of Taurus. The first inhabitants had the bull as their emblem. They were Taurinorum Gens (from Latin Language, People of the Taurus) whence Turin. Giorgio de Chirico, Artist… Continue reading

Hunchbacked Bridge in Bobbio in Emilia-Romagna

The Hunchbacked Bridge is in Bobbio in the province of Piacenza and crosses the river Trebbia. It’s called Hunchbacked for the interesting architectural design of arches reaching different heights and different one from… Continue reading

Ponte Gobbo a Bobbio in Emilia Romagna

Il Ponte Gobbo si trova a Bobbio in provincia di Piacenza e attraversa il fiume Trebbia. Si chiama Gobbo per l’interessante disegno architettonico di archi che raggiungono diverse altezze e sono uno diverso… Continue reading