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July August 2017 Italian Language Classes

June July 2017 Italian Language Classes

My Language Space Poetry

My Language Not much is my life as the poor room that houses every night my dreams. In the morning there penetrates from the garden a shy ray and trembles the wagtail under… Continue reading

Just a moment please! How do you say it? Un attimo per favore! Come si dice?

Musica Spazio Poesia

Musica Eco di voce che canta sulle tremule note dell’anima. Musica che vai dagli splendori celesti alle remote galassie solitudini sfiorando con suoni d’organo e di vento. Poesia di RENATO NALE in Lingua… Continue reading

Music Space Poetry

Music Echo of voice singing on the trembling notes of the soul. Music, you go from the celestial splendors to the distant galaxies solitudes lightly touching with organ and wind’s sounds. Poem by… Continue reading

Good Bye! How do you say it? Come si dice? Arrivederci

May June 2017 Italian Language Classes

What’s your phone number? How do you say it? Qual è il tuo numero di telefono?

Have a nice weekend! How do you say it? Buon fine settimana!