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June July 2017 Italian Language Classes

Just a moment please! How do you say it? Un attimo per favore! Come si dice?

May June 2017 Italian Language Classes

What’s is your name? How do you say it? Come ti chiami?

Have a nice day! How do you say it? Buona Giornata!

Nice to meet you Piacere di conoscerti How do you say it

Poem Verb Verbo

Verb Verb mystery of the word … of the voices and sounds that fill the void that cut into the heart ineffable memories, maternal messages of love paternal, embraced there on the threshold… Continue reading

A presto Italian Greetings See you soon!

International Woman’s Day March 8, 2017 Festa della Donna 8 marzo 2017

Joy of Love The most beautiful species of flower is that which arises hidden in a remote corner of the heart. As a small rose by delicate stem, full of thorns, helpless, miraculously… Continue reading

Festa della Donna 8 marzo 2017 International Woman’s Day March 8, 2017

Come Letizia d’amore La specie più bella di fiore è quella che nasce nascosta in un angolo remoto del cuore. Come una piccola rosa dallo stelo fragile, pieno di spine, indifesa, per miracolo… Continue reading