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Italian Greetings How do you say it? Come si dice? Good Morning! Buon giorno!

YouTube Italian Greetings How do you say it? Come si dice? Good Morning! Buon Giorno!

Outside Shadow There Isn’t

Outside shadow there isn’t .. Something inside me rises into the abstract world of nothingness where I find again my shadow. There there are ancient gardens singing of birds flowers in ecstasy leaves… Continue reading

My Poetry

My poetry has its roots in the ground. Slowly, slowly grows and flourishes. It flourishes outside and inside me … where it rises to the abstract world we came from and where will… Continue reading

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Difference between Education and Instruction

DIFFERENCE between EDUCATION and  INSTRUCTION The education has a wider and deeper value of the instruction and includes it. The instruction regards only the intellectual side, that has the purpose to acquire the… Continue reading

Differenza fra Educazione e Istruzione

DIFFERENZA FRA EDUCAZIONE E ISTRUZIONE L’educazione ha un valore più ampio e profondo dell’istruzione e la comprende. L’istruzione riguarda solo il lato intellettuale, avendo lo scopo di far acquistare il sapere, quel complesso… Continue reading


THE EDUCATION The education, from Latin educare to cultivate, to develop, can be defined as the process through which the man (Homo Sapiens), from early childhood, is gradually developing his energies and best… Continue reading

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