Introduction to Italian Language Classes Video

The techniques are essential and effective, and students leave the classes speaking conversational Italian in a very short time. The instructor develops and prints curriculum adapted to her specific teaching method. The pamphlets… Continue reading

Special Offer November December Classes

Special Offer October Classes

Knowledge and Poetic of Solitude (Fifth Part)

Knowledge and Poetic of Solitude (Fifth Part) He (Giacomo Leopardi) finds himself as an adult, always in the solitude of his native castle, and he notes, with the crying in his heart, the… Continue reading

Video An Aerial View of Tuscany Vista Aerea della Toscana

An Aerial View Of Tuscany Tuscany has seen major civilizations: Etruscan, Roman, Gothic. The cosmopolitan movement was born in Tuscany during the Renaissance and wanted not to be confined to Italy but make… Continue reading

Piazza Grande Arezzo

Piazza Grande in Arezzo is also known as Piazza del Vasari for the Lodges (an open building that stands on pillars or columns) he built in the late Renaissance. The Square includes the… Continue reading

Knowledge and Poetic of Solitude (Fourth Part)

Knowledge and Poetic of Solitude (Fourth Part) In his solitude, it seemed to him (Giacomo Leopardi) to hear suddenly, the singing of a pastor wandering in the desert, to the irradiating moon, in… Continue reading

Difference between Education and Instruction

DIFFERENCE between EDUCATION and  INSTRUCTION The education has a wider and deeper value of the instruction and includes it. The instruction regards only the intellectual side, that has the purpose to acquire the… Continue reading

Differenza fra Educazione e Istruzione

DIFFERENZA FRA EDUCAZIONE E ISTRUZIONE L’educazione ha un valore più ampio e profondo dell’istruzione e la comprende. L’istruzione riguarda solo il lato intellettuale, avendo lo scopo di far acquistare il sapere, quel complesso… Continue reading


THE EDUCATION The education, from Latin educare to cultivate, to develop, can be defined as the process through which the man (Homo Sapiens), from early childhood, is gradually developing his energies and best… Continue reading