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International Woman’s Day March 8, 2017 Festa della Donna 8 marzo 2017

Joy of Love The most beautiful species of flower is that which arises hidden in a remote corner of the heart. As a small rose by delicate stem, full of thorns, helpless, miraculously… Continue reading

Poem Tomorrow Domani

Poem by Renato Nale Tomorrow Domani Tomorrow Too late I opened the shutters of the house. I had no eyes to see. The view was changed: orchards and wasteland cried scandal. The old… Continue reading

Poesia Domani Tomorrow

Poesia di Renato Nale Domani Tomorrow Domani Troppo tardi ho aperto le persiane di casa. Non avevo occhi per vedere. Il paesaggio era mutato: orti e campi incolti gridavano allo scandalo. Gemevano vecchie… Continue reading

Poem Under The Breath of Love Sotto il soffio dell’amore

Under The Breath Of Love by Renato Nale Under The Breath Of Love The half-opened eyes in a suffused light the eyelids crossed by a gentle tremble, you come down to embrace the… Continue reading

Poesia Sotto il soffio dell’amore

Sotto il soffio dell’amore di Renato Nale Sotto il soffio dell’amore Gli occhi socchiusi in un soffuso chiarore le palpebre percorse da un leggero tremore, tu scendi ad abbracciare l’anima in fondo ad… Continue reading

Poem Desire For Love Desiderio d’amore

Renato Nale Desire For Love Desiderio d’amore Desire for love Real and unreal perhaps isn’t other than a flowing towards one edge to give life to the dream: a tired entanglement of clouds.… Continue reading

Poesia Desiderio d’amore Desire For Love

Renato Nale Desiderio d’amore Desire For Love Desiderio d’amore Reale e irreale forse non è che un fluire verso una sponda per dar vita al sogno: uno stanco aggrovigliarsi di nuvole. Forse, anelanti… Continue reading

We Went To The Fountain Andammo alla fonte

We went to the fountain We went to the fountain where the man had not passed There we looked for the purity. We went disinherited around the world with the hope on the… Continue reading

Andammo alla Fonte We Went To The Fountain

Andammo alla fonte Andammo alla fonte dove non era passato l’uomo. Là cercammo la purezza. Andammo diseredati in giro per il mondo con la speranza a tracolla. Poesia di RENATO NALE in Lingua… Continue reading

The Flowers of San Francisco I Fiori di San Francisco

The Flowers of San Francisco I Fiori di San Francisco Don’t forget, brother. Homo Sapiens’ Race carved in letters of fire on the flag of the historic vessel an unforgettable date that erased… Continue reading