The Flowers of San Francisco I Fiori di San Francisco

The Flowers of San Francisco I Fiori di San Francisco

Don’t forget, brother.
Homo Sapiens’ Race
carved in letters of fire
on the flag of the historic vessel
an unforgettable date that erased
humiliations, mortifications, submissions
of a people.
It was the year seventy-two of the twentieth century
in the full bloom month of May
the magnificent redemption of love.
Groups called reckless,
drifting hippies, the flowers of  San
Francisco, movements of the soul’s liberation
dared to raise high challenge to warmongers.
Tribute to the Men who
wanted a noble destiny.
That day, on the parvis of the fatherland
bounced off  medals, as fake coins.
Thrown with force by repented soldiers.
Precursory gesture of the times, never so noble.
But how many more cliffs the reincarnated Christs
will have to cross on suffered calvaries?

Poem by RENATO NALE in Italian Language
Translated into English Language,
Published, Printed by Bastianina Campus
Read by Bastianina Campus