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Ponte degli Alpini Bassano del Grappa

Il Ponte degli Alpini è di legno, completamente coperto e fu disegnato da Andrea Palladio nel 1500. Si trova nella Regione del Veneto a Bassano del Grappa vicino a Venezia. Il ponte, distrutto… Continue reading

Video An Aerial View of Liguria

Liguria overlooks the Ligurian Sea, and borders France. It takes its name Liguria from the ancient population and civilization of the Ligurians, name that we find in ancient Greek texts, who inhabited these… Continue reading

Rialto Bridge Venice

Rialto Bridge, located in Venice, is a human bridge: you can cross it only on foot. The bridge has a single arch and seems to have been built in this way to allow… Continue reading

Video An Aerial View of Emilia Romagna

An Aerial View Of Emilia Romagna Romagna Sunny Place, Sweet Country, with these words Giovanni Pascoli, Poet, describes this region where the Etruscan, Roman, and Gauls’ civilization are always present. Testimonials of these… Continue reading

March April Italian Language Classes

Books and CDs Italian Language Classes Video

The Books with included CDs are created to make understandable the essentials of the Italian Language structure.

Introduction to Italian Language Classes Video

The techniques are essential and effective, and students leave the classes speaking conversational Italian in a very short time. The instructor develops and prints curriculum adapted to her specific teaching method. The pamphlets… Continue reading

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