Monthly Archive: May, 2016

Alpini Bridge Bassano del Grappa

The Alpini Bridge is made of wood, completely covered and was designed by Andrea Palladio in 1500. It is in the Region of Veneto in Bassano del Grappa near Venice. The bridge, destroyed… Continue reading

Ponte degli Alpini Bassano del Grappa

Il Ponte degli Alpini è di legno, completamente coperto e fu disegnato da Andrea Palladio nel 1500. Si trova nella Regione del Veneto a Bassano del Grappa vicino a Venezia. Il ponte, distrutto… Continue reading

Video An Aerial View of Trentino – South Tyrol

Trentino Alto Adige borders with Switzerland and Austria in the North. This leads to contacts with Austrian and Swiss populations. In this region the majority of the population speaks German, Italian and Ladin,… Continue reading

May June Italian Language Classes

Aphorism The Poetry

The poetry embraces space, time, motion, finite and infinite. Written by RENATO NALE in Italian Language Translated into English Language by Bastianina Campus Published, printed by Bastianina Campus

Aforisma La Poesia

La poesia abbraccia spazio, tempo, moto, finito e infinito Scritto da RENATO NALE in Lingua Italiana Tradotto in Lingua Inglese da Bastianina Campus Pubblicato, stampato da Bastianina Campus

Dolceacqua (Sweet Water) Bridge in Liguria

Dolceacqua (Sweet Water) Bridge is located in Liguria on the border with France in the medieval village of Dolceacqua and was built in the 15th century on the river Nervia to connect the… Continue reading

Ponte di Dolceacqua in Liguria

Il Ponte di Dolceacqua si trova in Liguria vicino al confine con la Francia nel Borgo Medievale di Dolceacqua e fu costruito nel XV secolo sul fiume Nervia per collegare le due parti… Continue reading

Video An Aerial View of Aosta Valley

  The Aosta Valley is an Autonomous Region of Italy with a Special Statute. It borders France and Switzerland. For this reason the classes in schools are in Italian and in French and… Continue reading

Aphorism Generation

The problems and needs that each generation worries about determine the inclination that each one assumes, and distinguish one from another Written by RENATO NALE in Italian Language Translated into English Language by… Continue reading